Posted 2020

80+% Patient Retention at 6 Months and More

MindHealthy® is focused on providing wrap around behavioral health care offerings to support MAT patients on their path to recovery.


MindHealthy® delivers virtual support for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders via the Collaborative Care Model. We partner with Providers to provide the best evidence-based approach to address Mental Health effectively.

The practice in this study provides family primary care services and Substance Use and Addiction services as a certified waivered Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) provider. The practice sees patients who have commercial insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

At the start of the program this practice had a waivered patient capacity of 275 with less than 40 patients in their program. The provider wanted to reach more patients but was limited in their ability to effectively and safely grow because of:

  • Lack of time to effectively support more patients
  • Inadequate patient access to local addiction behavioral health resources
  • Lack of comfort in managing more complex psychiatric issues that arose

The practice contracted with MindHealthy® to implement a psychiatric collaborative care model to address their patients' behavioral needs.

MindHealthy® integrated a virtual licensed clinical addiction counselor, psychiatrist services, and billing support for collaborative care code reimbursement.

With MindHealthy®, the practice established three new treatment options delivered virtually via tele-video to patients: group therapy, individual counseling, and personalized psychosocial support. The MindHealthy® clinicians provided ongoing communication through EMR documentation and monthly collaborative calls with the primary care provider.

Key Outcomes

After six months, the program size more than doubled, going from less than 40 active patients to more than 90. After 12 months, physicians saw:

  • Approx. $100K net positive annual revenue generated
  • Improved physician comfort in treating patients
  • Improved patient and staff satisfaction

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