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Medication Management

Increasing adherence, reducing medication errors and hospital readmissions while providing insights into behaviors and barriers.

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MindHealthy® Behavioral Health

Virtual behavioral health programs with a focus on non-acute mental health and addiction via Collaborative Care (COCM).

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In home delivery of prescriptions with services designed to monitor and manage poly-chronic patients' medication needs.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

A Team Delivering Accessible and Effective Care To Providers and Patients

Headshot of Brooke Gans
Brooke Gans
Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Jordana Hollen, MD
Jordana Hollen, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Headshot of Mark D’Agostino, MD
Mark D’Agostino, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Headshot of Heather Burks
Heather Burks
Chief People Officer
Headshot of Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler
VP of Operations
Headshot of Tony Pereira
Tony Pereira
VP of Customer Experience
Headshot of Kristin Smith
Kristin Smith
Psychiatric Consultant
Headshot of Chris Dennis, MD, MBA, FAPA
Chris Dennis, MD, MBA, FAPA
Clinical Advisor