Posted 2022

At 12 Months, $50K Net Revenue Generated by Practice

MindHealthy® focused on filling the gap in comprehensive care – for a practice whose patients have multiple chronic conditions. Patients with chronic conditions experience mental health disorders at twice the general population rate.


MindHealthy®  delivers virtual support for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders via the Collaborative Care Model. We partner with Providers to implement the best evidence-based approach to address Mental Health effectively.

The practice in this study provides care for 5,000 patients in North Carolina across four counties and three practice locations. Their patient population's insurance mix is comprised of 30% Medicaid, 25% Medicare, and 45% Commercial payers.

The practice's mission is to provide comprehensive health care services for their patients as they progress throughout the different stages of life. The practice's main barriers faced in addressing mental health care:

  • Limited patient access to care due to few in-network mental health providers
  • Lack of timely or local patient access to care (up to months to be seen)
  • The practice was not equipped with enough time, staff, or resources internally to adequately manage their patients' ongoing and complex mental health care needs

The practice partnered with MindHealthy® to integrate the psychiatric collaborative care model into their practice to address the mental health needs of their patients.

The MindHealthy® team of licensed counselors and psychiatrists implemented a clinical model that provided patients with quality mental health treatment while keeping the prescribing provider as the center of care. In addition, the MindHealthy® billing specialist processed collaborative care codes for timely and accurate reimbursement.

With MindHealthy®, the practice offered their patients personalized ongoing counseling, support, and psychiatric care. MindHealthy  clinicians also provided regular updates within the practice's EMR and held regular (monthly) collaborative care meetings to discuss mental and physical health care coordination with primary care providers.

Key Outcomes

At 12 months, $50K net revenue was generated by the practice, and 250+ patients were identified as eligible for services.

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