Addressing Mental Health Effectively.

We partner with Primary Care and Specialist Providers to bring support to patients via Collaborative Care Behavioral Health Services.

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Whole Patient Care

MindHealthy® Addresses the Obstacles Faced When Treating Behavioral Health

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Faster Treatment

We connect with patients within 48 hours.

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Lower Copay Costs

A patient’s copay is the same as a standard provider visit.

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Providers stay in-the-know with updates after each therapy session.

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Better Reimbursement

Get reimbursed for your vital role in whole patient care.

We Bring the Program to You

MindHealthy® Supports the Collaborative Care Model to Create Positive, Proven Outcomes

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Mental Health Support in the New Era

Cost-effective, Evidence-based, and Virtual Care is Key in the Mental Health Care Equation

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Integration of Mental Health Services into Office
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Regular Communication Between Team and Provider
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Psychiatric Consultant to Aid in Rx Management
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Mental Health Providers at the Top of Their License
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Virtual Individual or Recovery Group Therapy
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Cloud Registration for Outcomes-based Care

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